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Tsuyuhikari - Single Origin Black Tea

Tsuyuhikari - Single Origin Black Tea

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Current year's Tokushiba Farms highest quality single origin Black tea.

This tea is characterized by its floral aroma, with minimal bitterness and a lingering sweetness. The second steeping brings forth a subtle spicy fragrance. The liquor showcases a glossy amber hue. It boasts a substantial body and is ideal for an elegant afternoon tea session, creating an atmosphere of refined tea enjoyment.

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Location : 33.228242, 130.735521

Picking : May 16th, 2023

Manufacturing  : May 17th, 2023

Moon age : 24.1

Health benefits

Flavor and aroma

香気   ★★★★★

旨味   ★★★★★

渋み   ★★☆☆☆

水色   ★★★★☆

ボディ感 ★★★★☆

Best time to drink


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