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Yabukita - Single Origin Black Tea

Yabukita - Single Origin Black Tea

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Current year's Tokushiba Farms highest quality single origin Black tea. Cultivar called "Yabukita"accounts for 70% of Japanese tea production, making it a representative flavor of Japanese tea.

It exudes a tantalizing aroma with hints of roasty goodness. The taste strikes a perfect balance between gentle sweetness and rich umami. Its smooth throat feel is delightful. Overall, it presents a well-rounded and balanced profile, making it exceptionally easy to enjoy.

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Location : 33.224320, 130.757287

Picking : May 20th, 2023

Manufacturing  : May 21th, 2023

Moon age : 0.8

Health benefits

Flavor and aroma

香気   ★★★★★

旨味   ★★★★★

渋み   ★★☆☆☆

水色   ★★★★☆

ボディ感 ★★★★☆

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