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To share the delicious mugwort tea with the world, we have been cultivating mugwort fields for almost three years now. We proudly present our first harvest, a highly energizing and flavorful 'Ichiban-cha' (first-flush tea), picked with the arrival of spring.

In the philosophy of Yin and Yang, spring is the season for detoxifying the liver. Mugwort, a wild herb that sprouts in spring, is particularly suitable for liver care. Mugwort has a cleansing effect on accumulated toxins in the body, supporting the elimination of toxins. Additionally, mugwort has a warming effect on the body and helps purify the blood, making it a delightful beverage as we approach the colder seasons. Addressing bodily chill is key to preventing various ailments; by warming the body from within, we can boost our immune system.

Our mugwort tea achieves a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. The unique flavor, with the subtle fragrance of mugwort, brings a calming sensation with every sip. Harvested from the first flush in a naturally rich environment, the mugwort leaves are carefully processed in our tea factory. Whether for a refreshing morning or a relaxing moment, indulge in our mugwort tea to warm your body from within. The aroma and taste of mugwort will soothe your soul, providing a pleasant and tranquil interlude.

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